BARUTI is Greek for „gunpowder“, also a word used to describe something that has bite or edge. Each fragrance has its own rebellious personality which melds with the personality of the wearer.

It is the brainchild of Spyros Drosopoulos, who traded a career in science research to become a perfumer. Baruti perfumes strive to push the boundaries of conventional perfumery as well as look for ways to tell novel and interesting stories.

Fragrances can be divided into two categories:

Bestseller, stronger and intense perfumes for who like to stand out by leaving their signature



Dama Koupa

Berlin in Winter


Fresh and summer niche fragrances


Onder de Linde




These artistic perfumery fragrances tell of elegance and passion, leading the senses in olfactory places that are still unexplored. As well as the last fragrance of the collection: Perverso conveys our most primitive desires through a seductive blend of rum, roasted nuts, cocoa, caramel fudge, tobacco, musk and ambergris.


Abaton is the official distributor of the brand

Abaton è distributore ufficiale del brand

Baruti perverso